More Candidate/Press Hostility: O'Donnell Vs. Radio Station

Compared to 2008, the 2010 midterms are shaping up as a banner year for hostilities between candidates and the press. Joe Miller's security guards handcuffed a reporter trying to ask questions about his history of being disciplined for misuse of government computers; Carl Paladino told New York Post state editor Fred Dicker he'd "take you out, buddy"; Sharron Angle's campaign is shutting out media in Nevada.

File this under Tea Partiers doing battle with the media: Christine O'Donnell personally threatened a radio host with legal action if the station didn't give her a videotape of an interview that had just aired.

Politico's Andy Barr reports:

A campaign official demanded that WDEL give them the tape of the interview that had just aired, and, when the station refused, the candidate told host Rick Jenson said she would sue, according to an account from WDEL.