Kentucky Senate Race Is Paul's to Lose

We're now getting the first look at public polling conducted in the wake of the Aqua Buddha flap--and it doesn't look much different than the polling conducted beforehand, at least not that I can see. Perhaps it's slightly better for Rand Paul, although his margin has been all over the map. A PPP poll conducted 10/21-1023 has Paul +13, and a Fox News/Pulse Opinion Research poll conducted 10/23 has Paul +7.

For what it's worth, I don't think the ugly head-stomping episode last night is going to have any effect on the numbers. And for the OUTRAGED people demanding to know why I wrote about the Rand Paul supporter's assault, but didn't write about the crazed Democrat who bit the finger off that poor health care protester in California, here's the answer: I don't cover everything on this blog (to say the least), and generally only post on stuff that I happen to be reporting on or can add some bit of news or analysis that others haven't. I was just in Kentucky and the head-stomping tip came from a Kentucky reader. Not seeing any mention of it last night besides the local Fox affiliate, it seemed worth posting. I'm sure that won't convinced those constantly on the lookout for nefarious liberal media plots that my not writing about the guy who lost his finger wasn't part of one, but I heard about that long after others did and didn't have anything to add. I'd have thought this went without saying, but for the record: That attack was just as awful--and I guess worse, if the guy didn't get his finger sewed back on--and should be forcefully condemned by everyone, liberals, conservatives, Aqua Buddhists, etc.