Kentucky's Head Stompin' Senate Debate

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Kentucky's rough-and-tumble Senate race got even rougher Monday night as violence erupted outside the Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate. In one scuffle, a woman from the liberal group MoveOn was held down and kicked in the head by two male Paul supporters. In another, a Conway supporter stomped on the foot of a female Paul supporter who was recovering from foot surgery. That woman's surgical incision was cut open from the blow and both women ended up filing assault reports. The Conway and Paul camps condemned the violence. The blogosphere, meanwhile, is all over the news:

  • This Is Unacceptable, writes liberal blogger Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly: "I'd like to think this goes without saying, but apparently that's not the case: politically-motivated violence is unacceptable. Large men attacking a defenseless woman and stomping on her head is unacceptable. I know passions are running high and the right-wing Republican base has been whipped into a frenzy, but under no circumstances can we tolerate such misconduct."
  • It's Inexcusable, writes conservative blogger John Hawkins at Right Wing News: "There is absolutely no room in our democracy for this kind of despicable behavior, no matter which side is engaging in it, Democrats or Republicans."
  • One Simple Rule, writes blogger Max Read at Gawker:

I don't think this needs saying, but, look, everyone, please listen very carefully: You don't step on people's heads. Ever! Okay? Even if you disagree with them; even if they're pulling a silly stunt on the candidate of your choice; even if you are a hysterical old white person scared to death of imaginary communists. Even if Glenn Beck implies that it's okay to use violence in pursuit of your political goals! Because, repeat after me: You don't step on people's heads.

  • Hold on People, writes libertarian blogger Doug Mataconis at Outside the Beltway: "This story seems to be getting more coverage in the blogosphere and the national press than it is in Kentucky, and the relative lack of seriousness of  the offense is reflected in this story, which reveals that there were actually two incidents outside the debate last night... Many on the left have tried to make something of this incident since last night. Obviously, though, what we’re dealing with are two jerks who acted rudely and possibly criminally. Can we please not turn everything into a political cause?"

Here's the video from the head-stomping incident:

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