Iott Threatened College Kid With 'Third World' Roommate

More trouble [Upate: actually, pre-existing trouble I hadn't known about] for embattled GOP House candidate and Nazi re-enactor Rich Iott. This from the Toledo Free Press:

Wade versus Iott, a 2008 civil case filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, raises questions about statements reportedly made by Ohio 9th District Congressional candidate Richard Iott.

The complaint language states that five college students entered into a lease agreement with Ian Iott, with his father Richard as a co-signer. There was a planned move-in date for the fall 2008 semester at The Ohio State University.

In August 2008, it appears Ian Iott wanted to be removed from the lease. Richard Iott communicated with one of his son's roommates, Jared Wade, via e-mail.

The e-mail sent by Iott to Wade reportedly made statements that were described as "unacceptable threats and comments" in a complaint filed Sept. 3, 2008.

"In addition to anticipatorily breaching their obligations to Plaintiffs, and despite their obligations of good faith and fair dealing to Plaintiffs, Defendant Richard Bradley Iott has made unacceptable threats and comments to Plaintiffs, all young college students, who asked him to fulfill his written obligations, including the following comments by Mr. Iott:

  • "A threat to force upon his son's roommates another tenant 'from a Third World nation that practices small animal sacrifices and glorify stealing as an art form:'
  • "Inviting litigation, as Mr. Iott would find 'great sport' in causing litigants to spend more than his own contractual obligation; and
  • "Attempting to intimidate his son's college roommates to pay his obligations or face eviction."
  • Included as evidence is the Aug. 12, 2008, e-mail from Richard Iott to Wade.  The e-mail address listed is one that is known as Richard Iott's personal e-mail, it is signed, "Mr. Iott."

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