How Not to Stop a Protester

From the descriptions on the blogs I read, I was expecting something much worse.  But this is quite bad enough:

There's no excuse for trying to attack someone for the hideous crime of attempting to embarass your candidate.  If you want to get between her and him, fair enough.  I might even countenance sign-stealing.  But hurling someone to the ground and stepping on her head to keep her from moving is thuggery.

I think it's ludicrous to hold Rand Paul responsible for this, but nonetheless, he needs to be outspoken in his denunciation of what happened. Political violence against people carrying signs is not okay.  Yes, conservatives, I understand that there is a lot of hypocrisy coming from folks who were making excuses for Martha Coakley when one of her employees attacked a journalist, but see this as the second coming of the Hitler Youth.  Two wrongs, however, do not make a right, and in this case, by normalizing physical aggression when it comes from the "right side", they make an even greater wrong.