Happy Hour Vid: WV Candidate Wants '1,000 Laser Systems' in the Sky

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In a creatively edited attack-ad against U.S. Senate candidate John Raese, the West Virginia Republican is seen popping off a number of controversial opinions, such as ending minimum wage laws and axing the Department of Education  The 30-second spot is pretty much the quintessential mid-'90s attack ad. The grainy spliced footage smacks of pre-HD camcorders and the ominous background music summons the musical score of Baywatch Nights. The money quote comes when Raese demands that the U.S. military build "1,000 laser systems" and "put it in the sky."

Also, it's come to our attention that the 14-point font labeling Raese "Bad for West Virginia" is in crackhouse typeface. Always a good choice.

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