Happy Hour Vid: Welcome to 'Chicago,' Rahm

The former Chief of Staff introduces himself, commits first campaign gaffe

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After leaving the White House last Friday, Rahm Emanuel pivoted to launch a Chicago for Rahm campaign website (riffing off the Obama campaign aesthetic circa 2008) for his mayoral bid. And, while he was at it, recording an ad. His somewhat stilted self-introduction establishes his Chicago credentials ("I was born here and my wife Amy and I raised our three children here"), states that he's "glad to be home," and gives some boilerplate talking points about cleaning up the city's streets.

While the "Telling It Like It Is" announcement was standard political fare, its location wasn't. When Rahm's says he's glad to be "here," he's actually speaking from DC. "For a candidate who already had to worry about his Chicago credentials, misleading voters about where his campaign announcement was filmed is not exactly the kind of start he might have hoped for," noted Politics Daily's Matt Lewis.

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