Happy Hour Vid: Rand Paul's Ad Stars Voice of Faux-Bama

SNL's Fred Armisen needn't look for other work

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Rather than taking a page from some of the more-incendiary ads this election cycle, Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul simply tried to paint his opponent, Jack Conway, as a consummate Washington insider planning to cozy up to the president and Nancy Pelosi. Typical ad, but there's a special touch. Paul's campaign enlists a man pretending to be Obama to do a voice-over for the thirty second spot. The voice, dubbed "Barack Obama Impersonator," explains how Conway "supported me for president, and helped bankroll my campaign." Faux-Bama finishes by saying, "Now there's a guy I can work with in Washington."

Was it realistic?  While the actor mimics all the president's trademark pauses and "uhs," the voice sounds more than slightly off-kilter: less like Barack Obama and more like a Fred Armisen impersonator.

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