Happy Hour Vid: Michelle Malkin Warns of Ubiquitous Voter Fraud

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With the midterm elections just a week away, what are the odds that Democratic partisan groups will try to rig the vote with shady practices? According to the conservative author Michelle Malkin, they're extremely high. Malkin appeared on Fox News this Monday opposite anchor Megyn Kelly to offer her thoughts on what Kelly called "reports of, quote, voter fraud on a massive scale, with the intention of keeping Democrats in office."

"This should make anyone who believes in electoral integrity very nervous," said Malkin. Kelly then brought up a case in Texas, "where at least four non-citizens have been registered to vote in Harris County... even though they were non-citizens, and they checked the box 'No' in response to 'Are you a U.S. citizen.'" Malkin's response:

I think in an environment where ACORN has been so nakedly exposed as the leading group when it comes to voter fraud, that some people might get a little complacent about this. The fact is that there are many ACORN offshoots ... We are all voter fraud police now, and I think that the confluence between social media, citizen media, and outlets like Fox News, of course, are making it more difficult for them to operate. But they're doing it anyway, because after all, the modus operandi of these groups is, 'By any means necessary.'

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