Happy Hour Vid: Maddow Can't Stop Candidate From Explaining Himself

Word-in-edgewise count holds steady at zero

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Thursday night, the congressional candidate Art Robinson appeared on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC program. Robinson is a chemistry professor and the Republican candidate for Oregon's Fourth Congressional District, and will face the incumbent Democrat Peter DiFazio in November. Early in the interview, Maddow tried to ask Robinson about an anonymous donor who's given $150,000 to his campaign. Rather than answer the question, Robinson launched into a minutes-long jeremiad against DiFazio, barreling over Maddow repeatedly as she tried to bring him back to the subject at hand.

"What an infuriating loon Art Robinson is," says blogger GottaLaff at The Political Carnival. "Filibuster much?" Over at The Daily Banter, Ben Cohen declares that "Maddow deserves a huge amount of credit for maintaining her cool." And Mediaite's Colby Hall goes for the Prince reference, noting that "this is what it sounds like when doves cry."

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