Happy Hour Vid: Bill Clinton Smacks Down Heckler at Dem Fundraiser

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On Monday, former President Bill Clinton appeared at a Binghamton fundraiser for Maurice Hinchey, the Democratic incumbent in New York's 22nd Congressional District. Clinton spoke to a largely receptive crowd, and in the video clip seen below, there are times when the cheering makes it impossible to hear his words.

However, not everyone in the house was a fan: some hecklers interrupt Clinton at about the 7:50 mark. The former president keeps his cool, rejoining that "there's only one person in America that's balanced four budgets, run four surpluses... when I left office, we had the smallest federal government since 1960." He concludes that he doesn't "need any lectures or shouting. You need to listen to me."

Also notable is Clinton's appraisal of the "fabulous disinformation campaign" that's "whipped those poor Republicans up into a white heat." Clinton goes on:

Honest to God, half of 'em need psychiatric help... Not because they're crazy, but because nobody can be that angry for that long and it be healthy for you.

Here's a real-time excerpt of Clinton's remarks; RealClearPolitics has the highlights reel.

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