Goldblog on the Titanic

Pamela Geller writes, "Goldberg would have been one of those people who dressed up as a woman to get onto one of those lifeboats on the Titanic." She also states that I am an "anti-Semite," as well as a "Jewicidal jihadist and would-be annihilationist of Israel."

Just imagine how badly I would have treated Jews aboard the Titanic! They wouldn't have had a chance.

A number of you Goldbloggers out there are asking me why I'm spending so much time exposing Geller's lunacy. The answer is simple: She is an important cog in the propaganda machine that demonizes all Muslims. This demonization is demeaning to America; it leads to discrimination against innocent people; it alienates Muslims who would otherwise not be alienated; and it brings us closer to a cataclysmic struggle between Islam and the West that I think we can, and should, avoid.