Democrats Look to Get Their Groove Back With Solid Musical Lineup

Democrats always have better music than Republicans. It is a known historical fact.

Bruce Springsteen played to raise money for John Kerry in 2004. Kanye West held a concert in Denver while the Democratic National Committee was there in 2008. Jay-Z and Beyonce performed at one of President Obama's inaugural balls.

John McCain was endorsed by Daddy Yankee at a Florida middle school, but he also got sued by Jackson Browne over his use of "Runnin on Empty." Such is life in the GOP.

This year, Democrats are trying to milk this advantage yet again in the final weeks leading up to the 2010 midterms.

When Obama spoke at a rally at the University of Wisconsin in Madison last week, Ben Harper and The National played onstage. Today, the Democratic National Committee announced that The Roots will play at another Obama rally this Sunday, in Philadelphia.

The DNC will host more rallies leading up to Election Day, and, while the musical lineups have yet to be announced, a DNC official confirms that more entertainment is in store.

It's expected to be a tough election cycle for Democrats, but perhaps the jams will help them overcome the prophecies of doom. And if not, it should still be a good party.