Democrat Shuns Hippie Nancy Pelosi

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A number of Democrats in swing districts have been distancing themselves from Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. But few more emphatically than Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall. His latest campaign ad begins with a twangy voice-over informing viewers that "Georgia is a long way from San Francisco" as footage of whimsical hippies dance across the screen. "And Jim Marshall is a long way away from Nancy Pelosi."

"Jim Marshall doesn't support Nancy Pelosi," emphasizes the narrator. "He voted the same as Republican leaders 65% percent of the time." It goes on to cite his opposition to the Democrats' health care bill and his support from the NRA and Right to Life. Will this help him come November? Allahpundit at Hot Air doesn't think so:

Marshall’s no vote on ObamaCare probably isn’t going to save him after all. Nate Silver gives him less than a 40 percent chance of holding the seat based on recent polling.

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