DeMint Has Funneled $5 Million to Endorsed Candidates

Sen. Jim DeMint, a conservative icon in the upper chamber, just announced that his political organization has funneled over $5 million to a handful of endorsed Senate candidates this election cycle.

According to a news release from his Senate Conservatives Fund, here's the breakdown of the $5.2 million spent to back those 11 candidates:

  • Pat Toomey (PA) - $304,000
  • Marco Rubio (FL) - $573,000
  • Ken Buck (CO) - $871,000
  • Rand Paul (KY) - $258,000
  • Mike Lee (UT) - $302,000
  • Sharron Angle (NV) - $682,000
  • Ron Johnson (WI) - $195,000
  • Dino Rossi (WA) - $326,000
  • Joe Miller (AK) - $571,000
  • Christine O'Donnell (DE) - $505,000
  • John Raese (WV) - $70,000

On top of that, DeMint has transferred $1.8 million from his own re-election committee (which is active--he's running this year against Democratic mystery candidate Alvin Greene) to state Republican organizations in support of candidates he's endorsed. The Senate Conservatives Fund also spent $554,000 in support of candidates who lost their primary bids, the group announced, those being Chuck DeVore in California, Marlin Stutzman in Indiana, and Ovide Lamontagne in New Hampshire.

All of the candidates in the above list, with the exception of Christine O'Donnell, either lead their races or stand a good chance of winning next Wednesday. In many cases, SCF's spending has coincided with support from Tea Party Express and/or the Club for Growth, two other groups invested in backing fiscal conservatives running for Senate.