D.C. Republicans' New Ads in Washington, West Virginia

Today and yesterday the National Republican Senatorial Committee unveiled new TV ads to run in Washington and West Virginia, attacking the Democratic Senate candidates there.

In Washington, the NRSC hits Democratic Sen. Patty Murray for her votes in favor of TARP, the stimulus, and health care reform, accusing her of "18 years of reckless spending." September polls showed Murray leading Republican real estate investor and former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi by single digits.

In West Virginia, it's all about tying popular Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin to President Obama, who is stunningly unpopular in the state: only 30 percent approve of his job performance, according to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling. Republican John Raese, the CEO of a coal, steel, and limestone company, leads Manchin by low-single-digit margins in recent polls.