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An anonymous Philadephian recounts his bizarre one-night-stand with Christine O'Donnell a few Halloweens past on Gawker, and the tale--sprinkled with lurid details--includes tons of photos of the Delaware Senate candidate wearing a sexy ladybug costume and looking wasted.

The nameless man, who says he's 14 years O'Donnell's junior, though he didn't know it at the time, says he had met the candidate for a few minutes a year earlier when she showed up on his doorstep and asked to use his bathroom to change into her costume. A strange night of drinking followed, and the author makes it clear that O'Donnell had only partially given up her strict beliefs on abstinence.

"Christine was a decent kisser, but as soon as soon as her clothes came off and she was naked in my bed, Christine informed me that she was a virgin. 'You've got to be kidding,' I said. She didn't explain at the time that she was a 'born-again virgin.'"

First reactions to the story have ranged from the expected jokes to anger at Gawker and the anonymous man.

Dear America: No, dressing up as "Slutty Drunk Ladybug Christine O'Donnell" for Halloween won't be funny. Stop it.less than a minute ago via web

Dude blabbin bout him& #ChristineOdonnell & their 1night of foolin around 3 yrs ago is a creep. She is an actual person. #douchebagless than a minute ago via web

"I Had a One-Night Stand With #ChristineODonnell " via @gawker who knew christine was such a cougar?less than a minute ago via Tweet Button

Come on media reporters, find out how much @Gawker paid for that Christine O'Donnell story (of course the money was only for the photos)less than a minute ago via web

According to the polls, O'Donnell is down by around 20 points. SO, this Gawker "expose" is basically just pure TRASH. Kudos, Leftists. #tcotless than a minute ago via web

@daveweigel Gawker should've dug deep before publishing. I'm willing to bet you a milkshake it came from an O'Donnell minion for sympathy.less than a minute ago via Echofon

Sorry, Right Wing Chrisitan "Abstinence Faux Feminists"  don't get my sympathy any more than outed gay-bashing senators #gawker #O'Donnellless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The cleanest dirty laundry to ever be aired... "I had a one-night stand with Christine O'Donnell" than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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