Biden Tells Third-Graders Obama Is 'Really Cool'

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Most of what you hear about Barack Obama these days isn't flattering: he's too far to the left (or not far enough, 17 ); he's leading the country in the wrong direction (or doesn't know how to lead at all). Even his supporters are getting weary of arguing his cause. But Vice President Joe Biden remains a loyal wingman, talking up the president even to people who won't be eligible to vote for another decade or so. During a recent visit to an after-school program in Redwood City, California, Biden repeatedly described Obama as "really cool" to a group of third-graders.

"Barack Obama is really cool," Biden told the students. "No, he's not coming today, but he's really cool." According to MSNBC, Biden also called Michelle Obama "the nicest person you'll ever meet."

Biden's loyalty is particularly noteworthy given the swirling rumors that Obama may be planning to swap him out for Hillary Clinton as vice president. (Obama and other White House officials have firmly denied that this is a possibility.) On the other hand, maybe Biden just thinks it's awesome that Obama got to meet Bob Dylan.

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