America's Youth Pretty Sure Harry 'Truman' Is Majority Leader

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Yahoo's Ask America blog recently went to the University of Colorado to ask the country's youth--who are of course our greatest natural resource--some questions about our democracy. As one would expect, the results were comically horrifying. Among the things the respondents believe to be true, right now:

  • Name of the current Senate Majority Leader: Hillary Clinton, Harry Truman
  • Number of United States Representatives: 290, 432, 150, 125, "it depends on the population of each state," 500, 365, "430-something"
  • Number of United States Senators: 25, 200, 52 (said twice), 102, 56, 97, 50 (also twice)
  • Number of Supreme Court Justices: 12, 25, 13, "9 or 13," 5, "it's odd," 11, 50
  • Name of the Current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: John Smith, John Hickenlooper, "a Latin American lady"
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