Per this Politico article, Dick Armey's outfit is a little sensitive about the mostly white demographic profile of the Tea Party, and so he's launching an outreach campaign aimed at attracting...Jews:

Asked afterward why FreedomWorks was launching the effort by targeting Jews rather than African-Americans, whose absence from tea party events has been repeatedly cited by liberals as proof that the movement is racist, Kibbe said, "I think that there is a more open debate to be had (in the Jewish community), but there is no genius behind that. I had to start somewhere."
Kind of inching into this "diversity" thing, I guess. One step at a time.

Anyway, I myself am not eligible for this honor, but as a gesture of interblog friendship and comity, I hereby offer to pay Goldblog's membership dues if he'll allow himself to be outreached to and join the Tea Party.

UPDATE: We're on.

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