Tea Party Nation, the unapologetically for-profit Tea Party group that runs a convention out of Nashville, is highlighting the hate today: TPN founder Judson Phillips posted some excerpts of liberal hate mail and invited liberals to send hate mail to hate@teapartynation.com, instead of trying to join the site.

(They're not allowed to join, anyway: "We ban liberals," Phillips writes. "[TPN] is not a liberal-conservative debate forum.")

From Phillips' post to the TPN site today, here are some e-mails he highlighted, from liberals (his designation) whom he banned from the Tea Party Nation networking site:

"Your site is no better than a terrorist site! You should be ashamed! You have certainly changed my mind about who to campaign and vote for! Y'all are a bunch of right-wing nut jobs who let people incite terrorism with remarks such as taking the country back "at whatever cost"! That makes you no better than Sharon Angle or any of the other "fringe nut jobs"... you could be the next Timothy McVeigh from the sound of your site!  You should be ashamed of yourselves! I will be alerting Homeland Security as to the content of this site!"

"**** you.  All of you. I don't think any of you deserve to be alive." 


"Damn communists controlling speech"

And here's his invitation for liberals to hate-mail TPN, as well as for Tea Partiers to share hate mail they've received:

Liberal rage is pretty amusing.  Unoriginal, confusing, and yet sadly amusing, all at the same time.  At Tea Party Nation, we try to help all, including the liberals.  We have even opened a new email address to help them.  If you are a liberal and want to express your rage at us, you do not even need to try and join the site.  Just email us at:  hate@teapartynation.com.  Watch you spelling, as we will share some of the best of in the next few weeks.
Have you received liberal hate mail?  Feel free to share the non-obscene version of it on TPN.

It's an interesting strategy: just invite the hate mail. Most groups who receive hate mail choose to highlight it in a way that can be construed by observers as threatening and dangerous--in other words, to be taken seriously. Here, TPN basically laughs it off.

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