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New Mexico's Democratic Senator Tom Udall has long pushed for filibuster reform, something that would do miracles for the Democratic agenda, has been hinted at by several key players, and will probably never happen. But now Udall is bringing together three of the most powerful forces known to nature for his campaign to roll back the filibuster requirement that's hamstrung the Senate: Facebook, Twitter, and Lady Gaga.

Senator Udall, seizing on Lady Gaga's recent Twitter campaign to pressure the Senate to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell (which drew a Twitter response from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid), took to Twitter himself. 140 characters is not very much room to connect a celebrity campaign to change military policy to your own pet project on congressional procedural room, but Udall did it, with room to spare for a link to Udall's filibuster reform Facebook page:

Glad to see @ladygaga tweeting on the filibuster. Learn how we can fix the Senate's rules on Facebook: than a minute ago via HootSuite

Well played, Senator.

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