Senate Candidate Runs on Dinosaur Metaphor

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Even if he does win the Sept. 14 Republican primary, Eric Wargotz is expected to lose by a wide margin against Maryland's incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski. But that doesn't mean he can't have a bit of fun along the way. Wargotz's campaign has put out an ad promising to take down "Political Insidersaurus," a Jurassic metaphor comparing political insiders to dinosaurs. It's not clear why this is supposed to be a bad thing; there's not much public polling on this, but don't most Americans consider dinosaurs to be pretty awesome? Wargotz uses the play on words to declare that he will make "Political Insidersaurus" extinct. Here's the ad:

The logic is bit unclear: if all incumbents are dinosaur-like monstrosities, and if Maryland needs to elect Eric Wargotz to get rid of incumbents, then by his own logic won't Wargotz be a Political Insidersaurus, and thus very bad, by the time he would be up for re-election? But this logic doesn't need to make long-term sense, as Wargotz is highly unlikely to defeat Mikulski. But one thing he can do is associate himself with dinosaur hunters, and that's a mission we can all get behind.

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