Sarah Palin vs. People With the Last Name 'Palin'

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It remains to be seen what the next step in Sarah Palin's career will be. One thing's for certain though: whether the former Alaska governor runs for president, builds a media empire, or relocates permanently to an Archie comic, life will never be the same for the other Sarah Palins of the world. Esquire's Abram Sauer gives a voice to the victims of this most meta synchronicity. Their message to readers? Enjoy your non-famous name while you can. Writes Saeur:

The name is not a common one, but there are a handful of Sarah Palins in the United States. About 12 are Facebook members. The database on lists 30 — including the one who graduated Wasilla's Burchell High School in 1982. But per capita, the coincidence appears far more common in England, where a handful of the dozens of Sarah Palins I contacted were also far more willing to talk about it.
None of the British Sarah Palins were interested in changing their names. And neither is Glen Beck, from Fort Bragg, California, who happily told tales of women asking to meet him, and a hotel that left an extravagant fruit and cheese basket (complete with complimentary wine) in his room. But there are plenty of downsides. "I would kinda like to see him share his wealth as compensation for having to answer for him," he says. "Somehow I don't think that will ever happen."
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