I erroneously reported earlier today that the American Future Fund had launched a $4 million, 13-state ad campaign focusing on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. That is not the case. You can see the original post, with a retraction statement, here. Basically, this is my sloppy, embarrassing fault for clicking a YouTube link without reading a full press release and for generally being a big idiot.

Here is one of the real ads, set to run in House districts in 13 states. As you can see, it deals not with the Park 51 center, but with Nancy Pelosi and Democratic House votes:

To reiterate: this was a terrible, sloppy, embarrassing mistake on my part, and one that shouldn't happen. Unfortunately, it detracted (on this site, at least) from valuable news: that the Iowa-based AFF is launching a $4 million ad buy tying vulnerable Democratic candidates to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

That is an actual, significant development in independent campaign spending, as it puts AFF in the same league as Americans for Prosperity/Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which themselves are spending over $4 million on issue-ads targeting vulnerable Democratic candidates.

As reported before, incumbent representatives who will see the ad run in their districts are: South Dakota's Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Texas's Chet Edwards, New Mexico's Martin Heinrich, Indiana's Baron Hill,  Mississippi's Travis Childers, New Jersey's John Adler, Michigan's Mark Schauer, South Carolina's John Spratt, Georgia's Jim Marshall, and Alabama's Bobby Bright.

The ads will also run in districts where the following Democratic newcomers are vying for their first congressional terms: Michigan's Gary McDowell, Washington's Danny Heck, West Virginia's Mike Oliverio, and Arkansas's Chad Causey.

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