The Republican Party's House campaign arm is putting TV ads on the air in more than 30 districts today, getting ahead of its Democratic counterpart. Hotline OnCall's Jeremy Jacobs reports:

The ads are part of the $35M the NRCC has budgeted to spend this year in 55 districts.

The blitz is particularly significant because the DCCC has yet to go on the air in the vast majority of these districts, choosing to save most of its resources for the final weeks of the campaign.

The majority of the districts the NRCC targeting are expected swing districts. The NRCC is spending the most, for example, targeting Rep. Mark Schauer (D) in MI 07. The NRCC is spending $352K on an ad that hits Schauer for voting to cut Medicare. Schauer is facing a rematch against former Rep. Tim Walberg (R).

Democrats still enjoy a money advantage when it comes to House races, at least in terms of cash concentrated in the parties' House campaign committees based in DC.

Democrats brought a cash advantage into this year, so although both the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee have raised about the same amount in 2010 ($54.5 million for Republicans, $52.6 million for Democrats) and spent about the same amount, too ($31.6 million for Republicans, $30.2 million for Democrats) the DCCC has significantly more in the bank: $39 million compared to the NRCC's $25.5 million.

For a full list of districts where the NRCC launched its TV ads, see Jacobs' post at Hotline OnCall.

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