Poll: Voters Split on GOP Economic Policies

The Republican Party appears unified in demanding an extension of all the Bush tax cuts while many GOP candidates are calling for health care's repeal, and a new poll finds that respondents are split over whether they support these policies.

In the latest National Journal/Society for Human Resources Congressional Connection poll, 32 percent said they want health reform repealed while 38 percent said they approve of the reforms. On the Bush tax cuts, 29 percent said all the tax cuts should be extended while 29 percent also said only tax cuts for the wealthy should be ended (the aim of President Obama and Democrats) and 28 percent said all the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire.

Independents aren't too hot on repeal: 33 percent support it, while 48 percent approve of health reform. They're split on the tax cuts: 30 percent want all of them extended, 28 percent want wealthy cuts repealed only, and 31 percent want all of them repealed.

The poll was conducted via landline only, Thursday-Sunday, with 1,001 adults surveyed.