Pelosi Says She Expects to Keep the Gavel

While some serious election prognosticators are predicting a GOP takeover of the House this fall, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't see it that way. From a leadership breakfast conversation between Pelosi and outgoing NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker:

"I fully expect to be speaker of the House five weeks from now," Ms. Pelosi replied, saying voters must choose between a return "to the failed policies of before" and a better future.

"I have great confidence in my candidates," Ms. Pelosi said, referring to the other Democrats running for re-election, "and they're doing just fine in their districts."

"We're very enthusiastic about what we're seeing" in those districts, she added, despite polls suggesting the Republicans have a strong chance of retaking the House majority.

"Let them think that," Ms. Pelosi said.

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