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Between hosting Wheel of Fortune, reading the Atlantic Wire, and penning genial, well-intentioned columns on race relations and payroll taxes, you'd think Pat Sajak wouldn't have time to whip up a batch of Rahm Emanuel jokes whenever the news cycle calls for them. You would be be mistaken. Sajak is a renaissance man, more than capable of quickly producing a comedic list of reasons the chief of staff is leaving the White House, for the sake of comedy and laughter. Among the primo zingers (which, sadly, are not identified in the article as 'primo zingers'):

  • "The other Chicago mayoral candidates are already getting most of the good voter names off area tombstones."
  • "He can't figure out a way to say 'no' to Harry Reid's request that he be listed as a reference on Reid’s résumé."
  • "His F-bombs are becoming strangely ineffective at meetings; he needs a new audience."

Les mots justes.

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