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We've directed you to a fair number of underlit, shakily-edited videos this summer claiming to depict the worst stump speech in American political history. While highlighting such material is indeed part of our job description, it should be noted that at the time of our posts, we genuinely believed Alvin Greene, Jan Brewer, and the singing Providence mayoral candidate were the new standard-bearers for filmed political curiousness. It is with this caveat that we bring you the performance of Phil Davidson, the would-be GOP nominee for treasurer in Stark County, Ohio. It is undoubtedly the least impressive stump speech in America's 234 year history. It will likely to retain this distinction until some time early next week.

If you're wondering whether this is a prank, straight-faced MSNBC political junkie Chuck Todd looked into the matter:

Our folks tell me this is NOT some sort of #snl short; Actual stump speech from an actual candidate. than a minute ago via web

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