A reader in New York named Yasser writes to ask:

>>Is it unfair to say that part of the Muslim life that is cheap is my three-year old. I can't tell you the anguish I feel right now raising a child in this climate. I live right next door to ground zero and the ugliness I saw this past 9/11 as flag-draped anti-mosque protesters screaming all sorts of absurdities.<<

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In sharing this picture, with the sender's permission, I do not mean to say, "adorable children render all political analysis or criticism moot." I mean to say, consistent with previous posts, that it is important for Americans at this moment to try to imagine the variety contained within phrases like "Muslim life."

Yes, yes -- as they should about "Jewish life," "African-American life," "African life," and, well, life life. But "Muslim life" is the one whose variety seems most in danger of being overlooked just now.

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