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In an election season that's seen plenty of venomous political advertising, these dueling, blue-grass themed Wisconsin campaign videos seem downright tame in comparison. The original ad, commissioned by GOP congressional candidate (and former reality TV personality) Sean Duffy, depicts a goofy-looking career politician running children, seniors and construction workers off a precariously positioned log into the river. Until, of course, a flanneled Duffy "log-rolls" that special-interest coddling Washington insider right off his perch. Think of the ad as a light-hearted cousin to Ben Quayle's "knock the hell out of Washington" spot.

And Wisconsin Democrats, for their part, immediately responded with their own "log-rolling" retort, reframing the term as "the trading of favors, or quid pro quo" in order to paint Duffy as the "corporate" candidate.

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