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Public Policy Polling has announced that Wasilla mayoral candidate and occasional nudist Levi Johnston has become "the most unpopular person PPP has polled in any state." The previous record-holder was disgraced former senator, former Democratic presidential candidate, and former husband John Edwards. Both Johnston and Edwards hit those historic lows in their home states.

Edwards' 15/72 favorability on our January North Carolina poll had set the initial record for futility but Johnston matches the 72% unfavorable number while only 6% of Alaskans see him in a positive light. Those poll numbers probably don't bode too well for his Wasilla Mayoral candidacy.

Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen, taken aback by the incredibly low approvals, asks, "Who besides like Hitler or Osama Bid Laden do you think we could poll who would be less popular in some particular state?" Jensen puts those 6 percent of Alaskans who are pro-Levi into real context: "11% of Alaskans say they can see Russia from their houses while 83% say they can't and 7% aren't sure whether they can or not. Interestingly people with a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin are more likely to be able to see Russia from their homesteads (16%) than folks with an unfavorable opinion of her (8%)."

So what do Johnston and Edwards have in common? Both are good-looking men who love the spotlight. Both have fathered children out of wedlock, from whom they are estranged. And both have gotten in high-profile battles with their family. None of these, it seems, make for a popular politician.

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