Koch Industries, GOP Holding Fiorina Fundraiser in D.C. Tomorrow

Carly Fiorina is getting some help from Koch Industries and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who are teaming up to raise money for her in Washington, DC tomorrow.

The Koch empire, headed by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, has gotten more attention lately after a Jane Mayer profile in the New Yorker portrayed them as the secret monetary hands behind libertarianism and the Tea Party movement.

Here's an invitation, obtained by The Atlantic, which lists Koch Industries PAC (political action committee) as a member of the host committee. The fundraiser will be held Thursday night at NRSC headquarters on Capitol Hill.

The Kochs have something in common with Fiorina: they both support Prop. 23, a California ballot initiative that would roll back the state's cap-and-trade policy. Fiorina recently announced her support for the roll-back initiative, while the Koch brothers have reportedly donated $1 million toward Prop. 23. Koch Industries owns oil refineries and controls thousands of miles of pipeline. Both have been criticized for outsourcing jobs.

Fiorina isn't a libertarian per se, but the Koch Industries PAC doesn't exclusively back libertarian-minded candidates. Though it gives mostly to Republicans, the PAC has also given to a few Democrats, including Sens. Evan Bayh (IN) and Chuck Schumer (NY).

It's been a busy election cycle for Koch Industries PAC, already: The group has spent about $1.8 million so far, after spending around $2.6 million in the 2008 cycle.