James O'Keefe Resurfaces, Allegedly to Try to Hit On a Female CNN Reporter

James O'Keefe's career as a journalist has been an interesting one, to say the least.

He successfully took down ACORN by posing as a pimp, while associate Hannah Giles posed as a prostitute; he went on a media tour, continuing to pose as a pimp (with Giles still dressed as a prostitute) to discuss the ACORN videos; he then got arrested in New Orleans for trying to infiltrate the Senate office of Democrat Mary Landrieu, in what at first looked like a scheme to bug the phones but later was understood, as it was explained by O'Keefe, instead as an effort to see how the office staff would react to their phones not working.

Now O'Keefe is back in the news, and once again the news isn't good. A female CNN reporter alleges that O'Keefe tried to dupe her into getting onto a boat with him, where he would, unbeknownst to her, have champagne and strawberries waiting. The plan, allegedly, was to videotape himself hitting on her in an attempt to embarrass her and CNN.

Watch the video for Boudreau's first-person account. It's something to behold:

If true, this would be the second less-than-sensical plot O'Keefe has hatched since his ACORN success. (The Landrieu plot--to test the staff's reaction to broken phones--didn't really make sense as a story idea either, at least not as a follow-up to his splashy ACORN foibles.)

There are a couple things about this that don't make sense, for whatever reason--either because Boudreau's account is somehow inaccurate, or because O'Keefe tried to execute a horrendously stupid plan. From this planning document, it looks like O'Keefe had some hazy ideas of what he wanted to do.

Why would O'Keefe's female associate tip Boudreau off? Why was there dirt on her face and why was she so shaky when she talked to Boudreau? Hearing Boudreau explain it before she gets to the meat of the story, it sounds like part of the alleged con. And why would O'Keefe videotape himself hitting on a CNN reporter? If she got on the boat to meet with him, so what? Yeah, it would be weird that she was on a boat with him, but how exactly does a video of Boudreau rejecting O'Keefe's advances incriminate CNN?

Just a few relevant questions to consider.