Hotline OnCall's Jeremy Jacobs notes, in the latest installment of his "Path to Victory" series, that California's Senate race could come down to the success or failure of former HP CEO Carly Fiorina's attempts to run on the economy and anti-incumbency:

It's The Economy, Stupid
: Fiorina's opening in this race is on the economy and jobs. California is a fiscal mess and unemployment is on the rise. Several analysts said this is the worst economic environment that they can remember. The state's unemployment rate is 12.4 percent - third worst in the country.

Fiorina is running squarely on the "throw the bums out" message. She's targeted Democrats, both in Washington and Sacramento, for failing to get the economy moving. She's already pointed to her work at Hewlett-Packard and say she knows how to stimulate job growth. (The Boxer camp will scoff at this, but more on that in her Path To Victory feature.)

Which means that California's Senate race, one of the more hotly contested in the country, isn't all that different from countless House races getting underway at the moment.

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