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It's hard to imagine a clumsier way for a Democratic Senate Majority Leader to endorse a candidate than by using the words "He's my pet." But unfortunately for Harry Reid (and fortunately for Christine O'Donnell) that's how he endorsed Chris Coons, the front-running Delaware candidate for Senate. The reactions from pundits and across the blogosphere haven't been kind, and Michelle Malkin has already spotlighted an eager designer who fashioned Harry Reid as the Lord of the Ring's Gollum cradling Chris Coons, "his precious," in one hand.

  • 'Well This Is Odd' writes Mary Katharine Ham at The Weekly Standard. "Is there any way he could have complimented his friend and sounded more off-putting and out of touch with the electorate? ...In my head, Harry Reid is Dr. Evil, creepily patting the head of Mr. Bigglesworth, the next senator from the great state of Delaware."
  • This is 'Sheer Dr. Evil Goofiness' chuckles Allahpundit at the blog Hot Air. Does Reid, "not understand that his endorsement doesn’t help, even in a blue state? His national favorable rating is 26/56; I can’t find numbers for Delaware, but if The One’s approval rating is now underwater there, surely the vastly less likable Reid is deep into negative territory. Why would any semi-coherent Democrat want to nationalize this race in a year when the Democrats’ national brand is pure poison for their candidates?"
  • 'Creepy Harry Reid Hands O’Donnell Her First General Election Ad'  concludes Michelle Malkin on her blog. "And go ahead, Democrats. Keep gloating about how you’ve got Delaware in the bag."

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