Fox Sues Carnahan Campaign

Lots of political candidates use footage of their opponents in TV ads, but Fox News isn't too happy that Missouri Democratic Senate Candidate Robin Carnahan is using Fox footage of her opponent, Rep. Roy Blunt, in an ad that highlights criticism he took for lobbying scandals during the Abramoff era.

In the ad, Fox host Chris Wallace questions Blunt about some tough criticisms and accusations. Blunt's response is not included.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jake Wagman:

Fox News Network has filed a lawsuit against Democratic Senate hopeful Robin Carnahan over use of station footage in an ad attacking her Republican rival.

Carnahan's commercial features a 2006 interview by Fox anchor Chris Wallace with Roy Blunt. At the time, Blunt's bid to become House Majority Leader was taking criticism because of his ties to lobbyists -- connections Wallace was showcasing to viewers.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Kansas City federal court says the "smear ad" infringes on a Fox News copyright, improperly misappropriates Wallace's likeness, and created a false impression that Wallace had endorsed Carnahan.

"The Carnahan Ad is designed to make it appear as if Wallace - a trusted journalist - is instead speaking as a campaign operative," the suit says.

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