Yesterday, I wrote about the Mayberry Machiavellis who fancy themselves Karl Rove and go and do really stupid dirty tricks that wind up embarrassing their own side. One example I cited was the (apparently) Republican operative who was impersonating a liberal on Daily Kos and trashing the Democratic Senate candidate in Kentucky, Jack Conway, presumably in a bid to help his opponent, Rand Paul.

Doesn't get any dumber than that, I thought. Well, I was wrong. It looks like the dumb Republican operative is actually a dumb Democratic operative, and is in a fact a sort of dummy double agent, who was impersonating a Republican impersonating a Democrat--got that? If it's not clear, Ben Smith has the details. [UPDATE: Both sides now disclaiming the prankster. See Ben for further details because I'm sick of this story.]

For the record, these kinds of things are as stupid when liberals do them as they are when conservatives do them. The only kind of stupid tricks that are any good are stupid pet tricks. Here's one that I guarantee is effective:

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