In an uncommonly specific attack on a member of the Republican Party, the Democratic National Committee will be going after House Minority Leader John Boehner with a TV ad on national cable, taking aim at his economic policies. TalkingPointsMemo gets an early preview:

Boehner has been setting himself up as a leading public voice for his party, transitioning from his role as chief Democrat opposer into a more prescriptive tone with two major policy addresses in the past month--one on the economy and another on foreign policy.

It seems that Democrats want to meet him in battle on the national stage. After Boehner's economic address in Cleveland, President Obama delivered his own Ohio speech on the economy, and the president took aim at Boehner repeatedly during his remarks.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel responds:

No one is opposed to jobs for teachers and firefighters, but the only way to get our economy moving again is to create more private-sector jobs, particularly by small business. The best way to do that is to cut spending and stop Washington Democrats' tax hikes.  Instead of these desperate and flailing partisan attacks, they should be working with us to help the American people, who are asking, where are the jobs?

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