House Minority Leader John Boehner is set to give a speech this afternoon on Congressional reform, and the Democratic National Committee this morning announced that it will air this TV ad mocking the idea that Boehner speaks with authority on this matter:

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel responds: "This is part of a coordinated attack coming from a White House that holds meetings with Washington special interests at coffee shops to avoid scrutiny and a Speaker who has received twice as much money from lobbyists as Boehner has. The American people are asking, 'where are the jobs' and all Washington Democrats can offer is more taxes, more spending, and more desperate hackery."

The speech and the ad are part of a developing storyline: Boehner has been weighing in on big policy issues with a series of speeches, in anticipation of a possible GOP takeover of the House. If Republicans win enough seats this November, Boehner may be the next Speaker (unless GOP Whip Eric Cantor runs, which could make for a close contest).

In the last five weeks, Boehner has delivered speeches on the economy and foreign policy. The DNC has responded by hitting him with a series of ads questioning his credibility.

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