Dale Peterson Announces Surprise 2012 Pres Pick

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Dale Peterson might have lost his bid for the Republican nomination for agriculture commission, but his over-the-top campaign ads made him an enduring Internet sensation beloved for his Southern jingoism and flamboyant style.

So it was only a matter of time until someone decided to ask Peterson for his national political views. The National Review's Bob Costa interviewed Peterson at the Values Voters Summit and asked him for his opinion on a number of issues. But the most interesting--and surprising--is probably Peterson's pick for the 2012 Republican nomination for president: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Peterson told an audibly giggling Costa, "I'll tell you what. I like ol' big boy. I like Christie, I do. He’s got as much moxie as I do. He gets on that campaign trail, he’s gon’ have to start sizing those britches down though, but he’ll be all right." Costa asked if Peterson would consider going to Trenton to help Christie campaign. "In a heartbeat. I've already endorsed him. I mean how much more does he need?"

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