Castle Seeing 'Good Turnout'

The word from a campaign source in Delaware: Mike Castle is seeing "good turnout in key areas."

This does not really tell us a whole lot, but there's little reason for voters to stay inside today in Delaware. Weather statewide is in the vicinity of 80 degrees, either sunny or partly cloudy.

Rainy-day elections can test the mettle of turnout operations and the sense of urgency in each candidate's voting bloc, something Castle has had to manage in the closing weeks of the campaign as O'Donnell has gained momentum and Castle has aired negative ads about her statewide.

No such tests will occur today. Delaware voters are going to vote their sentiments, shaped by Tea Party Express's large statewide ad campaign attacking Castle, Castle's statewide negative ad campaign attacking O'Donnell, and perhaps the robocalls Sarah Palin recorded for O'Donnell.

The key area for Castle: New Castle County, the northernmost of the three counties in Delaware, which encompasses Wilmington and is less conservative than the less populous southern part of the state, which will likely support O'Donnell if the race is indeed as close as polling indicates it is.