Congressman John Boozman, a former University of Arkansas football player, sought to inject a little sports homerism into his Senate campaign against Blanche Lincoln by airing a TV ad called "Razorback Lessons," in which Boozman appears at the University of Arkansas football stadium.

Except the University of Arkansas didn't like this and asked Boozman to pull the ad because it felt the use of school logo and images may be construed as an endorsement for Boozman. The congressman has assented, and the ad has been pulled (and removed from YouTube). His campaign released this statement:

"Congressman Boozman and his campaign have the upmost respect for the University of Arkansas and Razorback traditions. Although all legal requirements were met, we understand the University's concerns, and do not want to put them in a position where they are perceived as endorsing any candidate," said Boozman campaign manager Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "Obviously, our campaign does not want to create a controversy for an institution that we all have such a deep admiration for, so we voluntarily changed our ad."

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