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A 2012 presidential campaign ad is out--and it's for Hillary Clinton, funded by a dentist from Chicago. Though, as The Washington Post's Emi Kolawole points out, "this could make for awkward chatter at the White House," the blogosphere seems to be dismissing the ad breezily. A Clinton candidacy is barely even a remote possibility, say political observers. The combination of the ad's improbability and the funder's credentials, too, seem to leave it ripe for ridicule in a community rather starved for humor at the moment.

  • I Suppose I Should Hype This "I've explained before," writes a wry Allahpundit at conservative Hot Air, "why the idea of a Hillary primary challenge to The One will never, ever happen, but darn it, as a former supporter of Operation Chaos and a professional Obama critic, I'm duty bound to hype the living shinola out of this thing."
  • 'A Predictably Splashy and Hopeless Gesture,' says Slate's Dave Weigel, calling Hillary supporters "dead-enders." Adds Weigel: "Essay on my desk in the morning about how the first black president will lose a Democratic primary to someone in his administration. One thousand words or less."
  • Get This Guy a Media Coach Perhaps as an indicator of how seriously the media is taking this challenge, the statement of the man behind the ad--"I'm a dentist and I don't think this country is headed in the right direction."--is being much-discussed on blogs and political humor sites. "THANK YOU, WILLIAM DEJEAN. That's what we've all been thinking," writes Jack Stuef at Wonkette. "Let's get this 2012 campaign rolling! Let's do it for dentistry!" Former Wonkette man Jim Newell, now at Gawker, has a similar reaction: "He should start all of his sentences like that. 'I'm a dentist and that is a lovely potato,' 'I'm a dentist and the answer is 32,' 'I'm a dentist and I sell flood insurance for a living,' and so on." In case you didn't get the message from the political bloggers, Newell's final paragraph has the (apparently) crucial details:
There is a less-than-zero percent chance that Hillary Clinton will primary Barack Obama in 2012. Yeah, that's right. Maybe there's a 0.05% chance of it, you say? Well, you are both wrong and stupid. And a dentist.

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