Democrats are expected to lose a handful of Senate seats this November, but at this point, they're playing offense. As Hotline OnCall's Jeremy Jacobs reports, the Democratic Senate campaign committee (aka the DSCC) is reserving more TV air time to help new candidates attack open seats than to help Democratic incumbents:

Democrats have reserved nearly $18M worth of air time so far in 5 states, according to ad data provided to Hotline On Call from a GOP source who monitors the buys. In 3 of those states -- Kentucky ($1.6M), Missouri ($5.1M) and Pennsylvania ($5.2M) -- the DSCC is helping a candidate run for an open seat. In the other 2 -- Colorado ($4M) and Washington State ($2M) -- it is bolstering an incumbent.

The ad buys, which are weighted heavily toward the last two weeks before Election Day, are also significant because of which states the DSCC has yet to buy into. Democrats have not reserved time in difficult races where they are seeking to hold seats with incumbents, such as Arkansas, California, Nevada and Wisconsin. Nor have they reserved time for Democratic held seats that are open like Illinois, Indiana and Connecticut.

The Cook Political Report lists 11 toss-up Senate seats; seven of them are currently held by Democrats, though one (Pennsylvania) is held by a Democrat who isn't running in the general election.

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