A Last-Minute Democratic Revolt: 39 Votes Against Adjournment

The House very, very narrowly passed an adjournment resolution today, with 39 Democrats voting against it after Minority Leader John Boehner called it "irresponsible" to leave town without extending the Bush tax cuts.

With Democratic leaders and the White House calling for an extension only of the tax cuts that apply to earnings under $250,000, this potentially shows that a significant swath of moderate House Dems--in fact, almost the number of seats Republicans need to gain a majority--are feeling the heat as Republicans dial up the Bush-tax-cut pressure.

House Democrats on Wednesday barely won a 210-209 vote to adjourn the House without extending the Bush tax cuts.

Thirty-nine House Democrats voted against adjournment after Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged opposition to the motion in a floor speech that said it would be irresponsible for Congress to leave without providing certainty on the tax issue. Dozens of Democrats in tough races voted against adjourning.

"Vote no on this adjournment resolution. Give Congress a chance to vote on extending tax rates," Boehner said.

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