Wyclef Jean, in 2008, on Being President of the U.S.

After organizing aid for his home country following the devastating earthquake that struck in January, Wyclef Jean is launching a serious bid to become president of Haiti, attempting to lead a nation that has been wracked by corruption at the highest levels of power in years and decades past.

In that light, here's Wyclef discussing what he would do as president of the U.S., as part of a YouTube series presented by GOOD Magazine, 247townhall.com and Rock the Vote. "I mean baby, after eight years of Wyclef, the country'll look beautiful," he says:

Given Haiti's more desperate situation and the seriousness of his desire to run, Wyclef seems to be taking a more somber approach to Haiti than he took to American policies in 2008. (Though he is more serious, in the 2008 clip, than Mos Def was in another segment, awesome as Mos Def's America sounds.)

And, just to be safe in rounding out the Wyclef-as-president discussion, here's the video for his song "President," released in 2004 on the album Welcome to Haiti Creole 101, in which Wyclef predicts his own assassination if he were to become president: