Wikile ...Yawn ... CIA SECRET Paper Is a Snoozer

Wikileaks has posted a SECRET/NOFORN document from the Central Intelligence Agency's Red Cell analytic division explaining what might happen if it becomes widely known that America has produced its fair share of terrorists and exports them (not intentionally) to places like Somalia and Yemen. It's kind of... boring, to be sure, and it's not clear why it would need to be classified in the first place.

"These sorts of analytic products--clearly identified as coming from the Agency's 'Red Cell'--are designed simply to provoke thought and present different points of view.  That's the kind of thing our government ought to be doing," said George Little, a CIA spokesman. 

"This is not exactly a blockbuster paper," a U.S. official says. Translation: this is one of those analytic products that only a few people will read and others will throw into a drawer somewhere. It's probably not something that ought to be classified to begin with.