Vitter Warns of More Dirt on Himself, Accuses Opponent of Working for Democrats

Louisiana politics involves its share of intrigue, and the Republican Senate primary looks like it's getting more intriguing by the day: Sen. David Vitter sent an e-mail to supporters accusing his primary opponent, former state Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor, of meeting with Democrats and being a "tool" for the Democratic candidate, Rep. Charlie Melancon.

The idea is that Traylor is getting dirt on Vitter from Melancon's people. Consequently, Vitter warns that Traylor will begin pushing that dirt rather soon. (Traylor, for his part, has signaled that he's not interested in hammering Vitter for patronizing the DC Madame, so, from that standpoint, a sudden dirt-pushing expedition seems out of character. But the race got a bit muddier with reporting on a lawsuit filed by Traylor's stepsons and rumors that Traylor had extra-marital affairs.)

Here's Vitter's email, which links some of the citations to his "Donate" page:

Vitter email.jpg